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Snodgrass Clan Society of America

The Snodgrass Clan Society was founded in August 1977 by Laurence Elder Snodgrass (1918-1978), a late resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Society was incorporated in 1979 in the State of Indiana as a non-profit organization, under the leadership of Scott F. Hosier (covenor/president). The Society published a genealogy journal The Mace. They also published a Family Name Registry in April with an addendum in October. The Registry listed names of members and the individuals each was researching. Their tartan was granted by the Court of the Lord Lyon in 1978. Membership spaned Australia, Canada, the Irish Republic, North Ireland, Scotland, the United States of America, and West Africa.

Upon the untimely death of Laurence E. Snodgrass, Scott F. Hosier, Jr. took over the reins and continued to publish THE MACE. Following Scott were Cecil M. Snodgrass, Charlou Dolan and Paul D. Snodgrass.

The Society became defunct before 1988, but was reactivated under the leadership of Paul D. Snodgrass (1931-2015) as an unincorporated, non-profit organization. Paul began editing The Mace in 1994 and continued to do so for 20 years. The Society again became defunct not long before Paul's death.

Mission Statement

The Snodgrass Clan Society is an unincorporated, not-for-profit group of persons interested in researching all early Snodgrasses and their descendants. Our purpose is to share information.


The Society's journal name, "THE MACE," was based upon the ancient 'staff' or 'pole' as an ensign of authority for clans and other recognized groups. It symbolizes leadership.

The first edition, volume I number No. 1, was published in December 1977. The last volume (XXXI No. 1) was published in July 2021.

"THE MACE" was the First Place Winner 2002 National Genealogical Society Newsletter Award

Our motto: FACTA NON VERBA, which means: Deeds Not Words.

Clan Badge

Clan Badge


Snodgrass Blazen
Scottish Blazon of Arms

Snodgrass Crest
Snodgrass Crest

Irish Coat of Arms
Irish Coat of Arms